Williams Refrigeration Chefs' Drawers


The Chef's Drawer provides bulk storage of fresh or frozen food right where you need it. Its low level height is perfect for suiting with many prime cooking stations and you can stack Chef’s Drawers for the ultimate in fridge / freezer flexibility.

A new benchmark in versatility:
Williams Variable Temperature Chef’s Drawers

The new Williams Chef's Drawer

All Williams Chef's Drawers feature variable temperature control allowing you to switch to either fridge or freezer mode. The latest model (VSWCD1) takes the versatility of the Chef’s Drawer to a new level. At just 670mm deep, it’s ideal for standard 700mm work-surfaces, and you can even fit two stacked units under a 900mm high work-surface.

Stainless steel throughout, the robust construction and ability to cope in ambient temperatures up to 43°C make the Chef’s Drawer ideal for busy commercial kitchens.

Each drawer can accommodate 2/1GN pans, up to an impressive depth of 150mm.

Importantly, their height can be varied thanks to a choice of different sizes of swivel and brake castors, which deliver both mobility and stability when positioning.

The perfect partner for locating below prime cooking equipment, such as chargrills and griddles, Williams Chef’s Drawers provide true convenience in a small footprint.


  • Drawer size 2/1 GN (150mm maximum depth)
  • Removable refrigeration system designed for easy on-site service and maintenance (VWCD1 models only)
  • R290 natural refrigerant
  • CoolSmart controller
  • Heavy duty, non-marking swivel castors with brakes
  • Precision injected, high density polyurethane insulation with low GWP (Global Warming Potential) and zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential)
  • Stacking capability helps maximise storage capacity
  • Front-breathing and rear/side venting refrigeration system
  • High performance helium leak testing
  • Chameleon vinyl wrap service

The Williams Chef’s Drawer

Stacked Chef's Drawers

The Chef’s Drawer is a large, space saving refrigerated drawer unit, an ideal solution for pubs, steakhouses and catering facilities where space is often limited.

All models in the range are variable temperature, providing the ultimate in flexibility and control. The operator can set the unit’s temperature as refrigerated or freezer storage, anywhere between +4 to -22°C.

At just 670mm deep, the new VSWCD1 is ideal for standard 700mm work-surfaces, leaving 30mm extra depth for plug sockets. Two stacked units will fit under a 900mm high work-surface.

The VRWCD1 model fits perfectly with popular prime cooking suites, such as Falcon Foodservice Equipment’s F900 Series (Dynamic Link System). Models are available as a refrigerator or freezer and can be stacked for added flexibility, maximising product footprint.

Williams Chef’s Drawers are designed to be robust and are built using tough stainless steel both for the exterior and interior. Ingredients can be stored within the self contained drawer of all models which can also accommodate 2/1 GN pans, up to an impressive depth of 150mm.

The units have removable drawers and fittings for ease of cleaning. Their cassette type refrigeration systems are also easily removable, helping facilitate convenient on-site servicing and maintenance.

The height of the Chef’s Drawer can be varied thanks to a choice of three different sizes of swivel and brake castors, which also offer mobility and stability when positioning, or the option of adjustable legs.

All models are fitted with the Williams CoolSmart controller and have been designed to perform in an ambient environment of up to 43°C.

Chefs Drawer Freezer detail



  • VRWCD1
  • VRWCD1S - Stacked*
  • VSWCD1
  • VSWCD1S - Stacked*


  • +1/4°C or -18/-21°C
  • -
  • +1/4°C or -18/-21°C
  • -

Width (mm)

  • 880 (677)
  • 880 (677)
  • 1100 (690)
  • 1100 (690)

Depth (mm)

  • 850 (522)
  • 850 (522)
  • 670 (553)
  • 670 (553)

Height (mm)

  • 528 (268)
  • 928 (268 per section)
  • 486 (190)
  • 838 (190 per section)


  • 94 (3.3)
  • 188 (6.6)
  • 105 (3.7)
  • 210 (7.4)

Energy Grade

  • D
  • D
  • D
  • D

Unit dimensions are shown external(internal). Capacities are shown in Litres(cu.ft). *Stacked units are fitted with 6 x low level castors



  • VRWCD1
  • VRWCD1S - Stacked
  • VSWCD1
  • VSWCD1S - Stacked

Castors (106mm) *

  • 506
  • 906
  • 486
  • 868

Castors (128mm) **

  • 528
  • 928
  • 508
  • 890

Low Level Castors (76mm)

  • 476
  • 876
  • 456
  • 838

Legs (100mm-150mm)

  • 500 to 550
  • 900 to 950
  • 480 to 530
  • 862 to 912

* Standard castors for VSWCD1 - ** Standard castors for VRWCD1